The Doctor's Role
This is perhaps the most important aspect of your claim for disability benefits. Cases are often decided on the basis of your treating physician’s diagnosis, opinion, or records. When evaluating your claim, the SSA is required by federal law to place special emphasis upon the medical opinion and judgment of your treating physician or other medical professionals contributing to the diagnosis of your disability. Frequently the SSA will place greater value upon the opinion of a specialist in your area of disability.

Doctor’s and Disability Law
The most difficult aspect of successfully filing a claim for disability is the language used to define your disability. Your doctor may believe you are disabled and express this opinion in your medical records. However, often times a doctor is unfamiliar with the language used by the SSA to determine an applicant’s ability to perform substantial gainful activity or work-like activity. As a result, despite the support of your doctor or other medical specialists, a claim can be denied.

It is incredibly important that you use caution and care in how you communicate with your doctor or other specialists contributing to your treatment. Do not refer to yourself as disabled, rather communicate the tasks which your condition has prevented or limited your ability to perform. Describe the difficulties you have with your daily routine as a result of your condition. Always participate in treatments recommend by your physician such as tests, diagnostics, therapy, or medication.

Notify your doctor as soon as you have decided to submit an application for disability benefits. It is essential that he or she knows that your medical records will be scrutinized by the SSA. Not all physicians are familiar with the application process for disability benefits. For the applicant, the process can be equally confusing. It is highly recommend that a legal professional specializing in Social Security law assist you and your doctor in preparing the documentation necessary for your application. Contact a social security specialist by clicking here.


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