How To Get Social Security Disability Benefits
Applying for Disability or appealing a DENIAL can be very frustrating and confusing. People often make mistakes resulting in a DENIAL OF THEIR BENEFITS or LONG DELAYS. Chances of being approved are greatly increased by having a specialized advocate or attorney on your side. In fact, it is so important we not only recommend it, but now PROVIDE a FREE EVALUATION with a qualified Social Security Advocate or attorney at NO COST.

The Social Security Disability Program
This program, called SSDI, is for insured workers, their disabled surviving spouses and children. SSDI is a government insurance program for workers who become unable to work. IT IS NOT A WELFARE PROGRAM. Rather, SSDI is very much like the insurance you purchase for your car or your home. The premiums for this disability insurance are funded by FICA tax withheld from your wages and by employer contributions. If approved, these funds can become available for you if you are unable to work due to a disability.

What is a Disability?
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has its own concept of what constitutes a disability. The SSA is the government agency responsible for managing the Social Security Disability Insurance programs (SSDI and SSI) and therefore responsible for determining whether someone is eligible for disability benefits.
The Social Security Disability system is confusing, and it is often tough to tell if you will qualify for benefits. Understanding the requirements for qualification will greatly increase your chance of receiving benefits.
Many people believe that the first step to applying for SSD benefits is to go to the SSA and fill out a form. We wish it were that simple! Learn more about the application process and how you can best prepare for a successful application.
If you've been denied for benefits you are certainly not alone. Over 60% of claimants who file their own paperwork are denied. Find out how you can increase the chance of winning an appeal.
Testimonials was a wonderful service. I received a free evaluation of my benefit claim, no strings attached! Choosing to work with a professional advocate was the best decision I've made. My SSD claim
was processed and approved in a timely manner. I can now focus on healing. - Jon P., Scottsdale
Thank you for your help in filing the proper paperwork for the appeal of my disability benefit claim. I was stressed and confused about the entire appeal process, and wanted to get it right this time. I didn't know how to begin. You've been professional through the entire process. I will always be grateful that, with your help, I was able to receive benefits as a result of the appeal. - Mike S., Chicago
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