How Do I Apply?
I want to get started with my Social Security Disability Claim, what can I do first?

You have two choices when it comes to filing your Social Security Disability Claim.

#1 File Your Own Claim - However, statistics show that most self-claimants are initially DENIED.

The first option involves completion of all of your own filing, paperwork, communication, correspondence, court hearings and appeals entirely on your own.

#2 Get Professional Assistance - Statistics show that 90% of qualified people get approved with the help of a professional social security representative or attorney.

Experienced Social Security Disability advocates or attorneys are available to guide you if you feel you would like help. These experts know how the system works, and will handle most of it for you. They won't let the Social Security Administration take advantage of you or deny you what's rightfully yours.

With representation you:
  • Increase your chances of winning dramatically
  • Maximize benefits due (get the most money you can qualify for)
  • Let your representative deal with Social Security saving lots of time and frustration
  • Have experts to file your appeals, if needed
  • Get your paperwork filed quickly and accurately
  • Reduce chances of denial based on unexpected technicalities
  • Avoid fee payment unless you win
To have a representative contact you to evaluate your case for free and with no obligation, contact us here.

Regardless of the choice that you make in filing your claims, you will be required to present the same documentation and understand the filing process so that you can maximize your benefits. Below is information to help you understand the filing requirements

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