Continuing Disability Review
So you have completed the application and are now receiving benefits. It is important to know that the SSA will continue to periodically review your case and scrutinize your disability. This is known as the continuing disability review. If you have experienced an improvement in your health condition, have returned to work, or are capable of working you may be found ineligible to receive Social Security benefits. Disability Determination Services (DDS) is responsible for this periodic review and the process is similar to the consultative examination. The continuing disability review will include an examiner for DDS and a medical doctor.

The SSA will notify you in writing that you have been selected for a continuing disability review. This correspondence will notify you of the pending review of your disability claim as well as explain the rights that you have during this process. Included with this notification will be a form you must complete and submit to the SSA. Reviews are a normal part of the disability program and all recipients of Social Security benefits are selected for periodic review.

A continuing disability review can occur as frequently as every six months to as long as seven years depending on the nature of the disability. Generally, when you receive your initial award the accompanying documentation will give you an estimated time and frequency that you can expect your continuing disability review. The DDS review team will assess your file for information, evidence or medical records that indicate continuing medical treatments and your previous work activities. The DDS will then gather current information from any and all health care providers or agencies from which you have received treatment.

The DDS monitors any improvement or deterioration of your health problems. You may periodically be asked to participate in a consultative examination for the team to make their determination. If your health has improved the DDS will determine if this has affected your residual functional capacity¬-your ability to perform work-like activities. This may lead to a full disability review if the DDS finds that you are able to return to work. If the DDS finds that you have experienced no improvement or that your health has worsened, the review process concludes.

The Full Review
If selected for a full review, the DDS will require that you file a "Report of Continuing Disability Interview." This is actually a form that you must complete. It is similar to the Disability Report filed with your initial application. However, this form is more extensive and a bit more complicated than the initial Disability Report. Along with the receipt of this form you will also be asked to contact your local SSA Field Office for a consultation regarding your rights during the continuing disability review process.

Should you have questions about the Continuing Disability Review process or any portion of the process of filing claims and receiving benefits, please feel free to contact us.

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